Leaking Taps

leaking tapsIs there a sudden increase in your water bill?

Do you have a leaking tap at your house?

Do you know that a leaking tap might cost you hundreds of dollars of water bill in the long run?

It does not seem to be a big problem to have a leaking tap at home. We often ignore it and go on with our lives. A leaking tap can be very expensive in the long run because at its initial stages, it can easily be fixed by a professional, but if it gets serious, then it will need a replacement and will also waste hundreds of litres.

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The major problem with leaking taps is that they might cause damp spots on your dry walls, floors or even cause an accident due to slippery floors. One should always get leaking taps fixed as soon as the problem is noticed. We are the most efficient and reliable plumbers in town.

Get in touch with us to get your leaking tap fixed and to help you reduce water wastage.